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We are a new family owned Painting company in Sioux Falls.  We are ready to paint your home or business.  We have multiple years of experience.  There have been several questions given to us, but the main one was 'Why don't you start up your own painting company?" After several discussions and planning, it is now a reality. We are birthed out of prayer and have a great team ready to paint, help, and give advice.  While we have many years of experience, we are always still learning how to be better so we can serve our community better.  In every house or business we paint, we are always trying to push ourselves trying to find new and exciting ways to paint.  Our team goes above and beyond to cater to each project’s specific needs. We want our customers to be 100% satisfied with our work before we leave the project, which is why we provide open communication channels every step of the way until completion. 

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3 Point Painting LLC. Who We Are.  Our Story

"From Employees to Family to Customers, we will provide the Best.  Leaving nothing untouched and providing everything possible."


What is 3 Point Painting LLC?  Is it 3 Point Perspective Drawings or Paintings? No. What does our name mean?  There are several meanings behind our name.  Our Logo is made up of THREE triangles.  There is the Outer Orange triangle which represents the Holy Trinity. The White middle triangle which represents The Business at the top point, Our Employees on the lower left point and then their families on the lower right point. Our hope is that as a business we can take care of our employees who can then take care and provide for their families.  Then the third triangle in our Logo represents our core values.  Experience, Quality and Care.

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