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3 Point Painting LLC Sioux Falls


See if we can answer your questions by clicking on the information below.

  • What Time Do You Arrive?
    We typically arrive between 7:30am - 8am, Monday - Friday. If this changes we will of course keep you updated.
  • Do you have Insurance?
    Absolutely! We wouldn't dream of doing this type of job where everyone is not covered!
  • What Do I Need To Do Before You Arrive?
    Before we arrive, it would be helpful for the Homeowner to remove all paintings and items from the Wall. Move items away from the Walls. Cover or Remove items which you would worry about getting damaged. While we are very careful, we know accidents can happen.
  • How Can I Pay?
    Great Question! We accept all types of payments. Credit or Debit Cards, Checks and Cash!
  • When Do I Pay?
    Payment is due immediately upon completion of the job but no later than 7 days after the job is finished. On some projects a deposit is required.
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